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Who We Are

Since the ancient Egyptian period and later the medieval era, tiles have played a major role in determining the language of an interior, prevailing as they did on walls, floors and ceiling of the ancient structures, not only as colourful patterns that lent an artistic flavour but also ones that told a story, revealed the specific culture of that era.
Contemporary structures are no different in similar leanings, using tiles in a multi-faceted manner, both to lend a chosen functional quotient desired. Be it the varied range based on use or adhering to specific themes, the section they are to adorn, tiles prevail in multiple ranges and diverse forms to suit the myriad requirements of discerning customers. Providing these mind boggling varieties and product range to satisfy the astute buyer is retail outlet Chhabria Tiles, with its all-under-one-roof tile solution.


It was year 1962 when G U Chhabria, Founder, Chhabria Group, decided to open his store in the garden city. G U Chhabria had moved to Bangalore in 1946 from Karachi, where he first started working in an office at the tender age of 17. Ten years thence saw him give up this job to start a finance brokerage business. Not satisfied with it, he gave that up too to start the Chhabria Group six years later after selling his house and other valuables and being left merely with his bicycle. The initial products on sale in his store included weights and measures along with platform scales. This later branched to include agricultural pipes and pump sets. It was around 1965 when the store expanded to include sanitary ware, tiles and CP faucets to its collection. The Chhabria Tiles store was started in 1992 by Shambu G Chhabria. Interestingly, Shambu Chhabria was introduced to the workings of the store when he was barely 8, visiting as he did, during his school holidays and being helpful to his father, G U Chhabria. Shambu, like his father, started working at the age of 17, gaining hands-on experience at the store. His son Vishal S Chhabria later joined him in 2009, expanding vastly the product range on offer at the retail outlet.

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The language lent to the décor by the tile is dependent on the nature of the tiles on offer, the varieties and range given access to, the quality of the tile and the finish it provides, the varied functional  equirements it serves to cater. This range and options on offer to choose from hould not only cater to a specific segment of market but across all budgets so as to meet the needs of different types of customer demand and choices. Catering to this varied range and putting together handpicked solutions in each of these segments so as to reign at one level above the rest is Chhabria Tiles with their multiple tiling solutions on offer. Not only varied budgets are met with the best possible varieties and range, the thematic solutions on offer are astounding, with the capacity to scale up to any level when the requirement arises. Constant updating of the range on offer also ensures the retail outlet is one step ahead of the rest in meeting market needs. Given their quick understanding of customer inclinations and needs, the appropriate tiling solution is easily met with. The penchant for ensuring quality product extends to not only stocking the industry’s best ranges, the accountability quotient after the completion of sale is pegged at an unnatural high, assuring the customer the safety net that prevails against all odds. The desire to offer the very best tiling solution has also prompted Chhabria Tiles to house unique range of tiles that are totally exclusive. Be it in the range offered, the themes, the finishes, the designs, the exclusivity is total. As for customer satisfaction and service, there is no difference in the approach based on the volume of purchase. Not surprisingly, these elements work together to bring forth value for money spent.

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